Keywords gone upon adding new child.

Scrivener is awesome, and something that really sells it for me is the keywords. I keep track of all my characters, whether they’re active or merely mentioned, cities and towns, key locations, items, etc. I go nuts with keywords. I have a major problem now, though.

I’m using 1.6.1 and it has been working great, minus a few bugs I’ve yet to report. For my keywords I make a sibling (for example, one called “Non-essential Characters” and I add child keywords to that, listing all my non-essential characters so I can keep track of them throughout the story.

Tonight, 32,000 words into my NaNo novel, I’ve lost my entire “Non-essential Characters” sibling. This in turn removed my entire list of non-essential characters, which was quite large, not only from the Project Keywords window, but from each and every scene where I had put them into the right hand Keywords pane. This happened when I highlighted “Non-essential Characters” and then pressed the “Add New Keyword As Child” button at the bottom of the Keywords window. I’ve checked to see if they’ve been set as a child of another keyword, and they haven’t. I’ve looked through my long list of chapters and scenes, and these keywords are simply non-existent now. :frowning:

Is there any way to get these back? Honestly, if I lost that much data (doesn’t seem like much, but this is really important to my process, having switched from yWriter to Scrivener) I’d be fairly upset with Scrivener…which will kill me because I absolutely love it.

Can I get this data back?!

EDIT: I got my keywords back by finding the most recent backup that still had them intact, then transferring the scenes I wrote tonight into the new file and making another backup. This is still a pretty serious problem though, and I was unable to recreate it.

My guess here is that you accidentally clicked the Delete button instead of Add New Child. This should have required a confirmation message before deleting the keywords, since some were in use, but I’ve confirmed there’s a bug where deleting the parent keyword doesn’t prompt this confirmation dialog if that parent keyword is not used anywhere. I’ve reported this so we can get it fixed for the next release.

While there’s unfortunately no way to simply undo this, you may be able to restore your most recent project backup that still had the keywords and then copy over any newer text from your last session. If you don’t have a manual backup (which you can create via File > Back Up > Back Up To…), Scrivener by default makes a zipped backup each time the project closes, keeping up to five. Go to the Backup tab of Tools > Options and click the “Open Backup Folder” button to view the list of backups in Windows Explorer and find the most recent backup for this project prior to the keyword deletion.

Copy that to another location on your computer and then either right-click the zipped folder and choose “Extract All” or double-click the folder and then drag out the .scriv folder to another location. I’d rename the .scriv at that point as well, so you can easily identify it from the current keyword-less copy of the project. Then open that project in Scrivener side by side with your current one and transfer any new material from the current one to the restored backup, either via drag and drop from the binder or copy and paste to existing text documents (thus retaining the backup version’s metadata). Once you’re done, the restored backup will be your new working copy, and you can close and get rid of or archive the one missing the keywords.

Oops, I missed your edit when I was in the middle of writing mine. I’m glad you were able to recover the keywords. I agree it’s a serious problem and I have it on the bug list as a high priority issue since it involves losing data. I’m very sorry you had to experience it!

Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile: I’ve got everything squared away again.

Thankfully I have backups set to unlimited and toss them on my Google drive.

I’ve seen around the forums that there is a problem manipulating the keywords sometimes, which is fixed (for me at least) by restarting Scrivener. Now to figure out how to keep my Keywords window open when I open the fullscreen editor. It used to work fine, but now every time I use fullscreen, it closes my Keywords window and I have to reopen it each time I need it. I like to leave it open because I do all of my organization in normal mode, and all my writing in fullscreen.

Should I report this bug, or has this been addressed also?