Keywords gone?

After updating to 023, it seems like all my documents in one project share the same keywords, although I am 100% certain that these were not applied to all different documents. When modifying keywords in any one document now, these changes are again applied to all others…
I really hope this is only a temporary bug as I had used the keyword feature rather extensively and losing the earlier defined ones would be a real drag.


I’m not seeing this issue right off the bat (what is it with me and baseball slang today?) trying out new and older projects, so some more details would be helpful. Are you seeing this in all your older projects or just one? Does it happen for you in new projects (created in 023) as well? Is it just one keyword that’s proliferated, or is it an entire set–e.g. one document that used to have only one now has five and in fact all your documents in the project all have the same five, etc. How are you modifying the keywords–adding and deleting or changing the text? In the inspector or via the Keyword HUD?

Thanks for any extra details!

thanks for the reply.
I have this issue with one project that had a number (~ 2 dozen) of keywords defined through the HUD (position bug is not yet fixed).
With this project, keywords that I add to one specific document, get applied to all others – no matter where in the binder structure, no matter whether I apply them through the inspector, or drag and drop from the HUD; same for if any delete any.
In a different project which did not have any keywords defined, this does not happen. Keywords are document specific and can be edited without influencing others.
The below image shows you the number of keywords that had been defined and assigned to various documents, the order structure to the left gives you an indication of the number of folders and documents per folder – most of them had various keywords assigned. Right now all share the same selection of keywords you can also see in the screengrab.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ok, found the solution – for some reason which I now cannot replicate anymore, the inspector element did not update the information it shows as I scrolled through the different documents in one folder. So it always showed only the info of the earliest file and stuck to it – it had to do with changing the split-view, but as I said, I can’t replicate it right now. Sorry for that.

Glad you figured it out! I notice in your screenshot that the inspector is locked–that padlock icon in the right of the inspector footer will toggle the inspector being locked to a specific split. Probably this should get changed so that it automatically unlocks if you close the splits, but at present it’s possible to lock it to one split and then close that split and work in the other editor, with the inspector then still locked to whatever was the last document visible in the closed split. Just click the lock button again to release it.