Keywords hierarchy

Using keywords gets the job easier and faster.

And the project can have many keywords; then using a hierarchy would be a good idea, but that gets some trouble at the same time.

For example:


A keyword can be used in different contextes. But for Scrivener it’s the same keyword, in spite of the color of each is different. The résult of a searching of all the document which have “blue” (eye), gets also the documents with have the same keyword but about landscape/sky.

Referring to the keyword’s hierarchy would be a very nice upgrade… :bulb:

And then exporting and / or importing keywords would be nice too. :wink:

The purpose of this feature has been described as a way to keep a bunch of keywords out of your face in this panel, and that’s about it. The hierarchies you use in the panel are not meant to be representative of actual hierarchy, they are just ways for you to keep lists clean and sorted topically. I would avoid using the same word more than once, that looks to me like it could be a bug, though it doesn’t appear to have any major consequences other than lacking specificity in searches. And of course, you can always implement hierarchy yourself by using naming conventions like “Eye.Brown” and “Ground.Brown”.

Amusingly though, I drew the same conclusion about the feature nine years ago and asked the same question you did (back when I was a “normal” user). :slight_smile:

That is already possible. Drag a list of words, one per line, into the keywords panel. To export, drag keywords out to any text field. And yes, we’ll fix the problem with the fact that “import” and “export” use completely different listing formats.

Thank you for your great information