keywords, how to move hierarchally

Its possible to change keyword created, from one level to other?
For instance:

Pablo …change to character


If you select Project > Show Project Keywords, you can drag and drop the keywords there to adjust their hierarchical position. The hierarchy here is just for convenience and organisation, so it has no effect on the keywords applied to documents, which are just flat lists.

Changing the name of a keyword within that Project Keywords window will give you the option of updating the keyword throughout the project. (By comparison, changing the name of an applied keyword in the inspector simply creates a new keyword and applies it to that document; the old keyword still exists and is unaffected in any other documents to which it is applied.)

I think in windows is not possible to hierachical changes

It’s absolutely possible in the Keywords window: Project->Show Project Keywords. I just moved some around, dropped some on top of others to make them stack in a hierarchy; it all works. I’m on Windows Scrivener v

In one project I can, but in other , I cant; when I intent, only I get to copy keyword word in binder or text that is focus.
I dont know what is the problem

the solution was close project and open, and now all is fine.