Keywords - HUD not automatically appearing[NOTED]

Just upgraded to 1.5, was re-reading the tutorial file and noticed it said that the keywords HUD should automatically appear when the keywords button in the Inspector is pressed. This doesn’t happen; I can’t remember whether it did before, but it’s not a Known bug.

Hate to type this, but:
Steps to replicate.

  1. open any scriviner project
  2. open the inspector
  3. press keywords button
  4. HUD fails to appear

-Vista Home Premium, fully patched.

Thanks VJC, I’ll take a look at this - Lee

Is that what you were referencing? It’s talking there about the Keyword HUD icon in the toolbar at the top of the window, not about something in the Inspector. You can open the Keyword HUD from the inspector via the dropdown gear menu; that works for me in the 1.5 beta.

Does that help?

You’re absolutely right - I was mixing up the Keywords button at the bottom of the inspector with the one on the toolbar. This can be removed from the logged bugs list.

Sorry for the late reply, but now I’ve installed 1.55 I was going through the tutorial again and didn’t have any problems in this area.

Ahh, the joy of learning new software…