Keywords missing in Outliner

I’ve created keywords in my documents, but when I click on the Draft (top most in the hierarchy of my files) in the binder, then go to Outliner, only 1 file displays its keywords.

After much researching and noodling around, I can’t find the issue. Please help.

First, make sure the keywords are actually assigned to the documents. You can see the keywords for an individual document by clicking the key icon below the Inspector pane.


Yes, Katherine, they are assigned to the individual documents. If I understand you, I see them when I open the individual documents, but not if I open the top most Draft folder that shows all my documents in Outliner.

Forgive me if this is obvious, but is the Keyword column showing in the Outliner? If not, the View -> Outliner Columns menu will let you turn it on.

If that’s not the issue, could you get a screenshot to help me visualize what you’re seeing, please?


This is totally beside the point, but your profile indicates you are running the Windows version of Scrivener only, not the Mac. Updating your profile to indicate which platform(s) you really are running could help avoid confusion.

Good luck with solving your issue!

Thanks, rdale! I’ve just updated my platform.


Here is my screenshot attached. Still learning the Mac after years on PCs. Hopefully, this gets to you as intended, and that it helps.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 8.55.06 (310 KB)

What happens if you expand the disclosure triangles? That is, are the keywords assigned to the Chapter folder, or to the scenes inside of it?


In Outliner, with the topmost draft folder selected, the keywords show when I click the disclosure triangle for each chapter.

When single chapters are selected, some of them do not show the keywords unless I select the individual scenes.

If I remember correctly, I created the keywords by opening individual scenes.

So I’m beginning to see…something here, but is it a matter of making sure to create keywords by selecting a chapter and then making keywords?

If so, should I go back to chapters and add keywords there, so they’ll appear in Outliner?

Thanks again, Katherine, for staying with me on this.

Yes. Scrivener assigns keywords to individual documents. If you assign a keyword to a scene, Scrivener has no way to know that it should apply to the whole chapter. In fact, in many cases it shouldn’t.

And so, to see keywords in the Outliner, you need to be showing the outline level where the keyword was assigned.


Mystery solved! I understand, and I can see where different sets of keywords would be useful in different views of the projects. Got it!

Thank you for helping.