keywords not appearing in outliner column

I created keywords in the keywords pane (right bottom of inspector) and want these to appear in the column for keywords in the outliner, but they do not. The column is there, it’s just empty. DO i have to enter ALL of them in the outliner column AGAIN? why are they not showing up?

We don’t actually have a feature that shows these keywords in the Outliner, yet. We do intend to, it just hasn’t been implemented yet. Currently the best “overview” for keywords is the View/Corkboard Options/Keyword Colors option, for the Corkboard of course. You can select how many color chips to show from the Corkboard view options panel, in the footer.

As for what we see here, it appears you’ve created a custom meta-data field called “keywords” with a lower case, and then selected that, and my guess is you’ve typed into that top field, right in the outliner. Custom meta-data can be shown on the Outliner, but it isn’t going to be tied to the list of keywords in the side panel. You could use a custom field like this to type in keywords, separated by spaces or something. You wouldn’t get the neat lists elsewhere, but you could read them in the Outliner like you see here, with “India meltdown”. If that’s more important than the project keyword features, maybe that’s a sufficient route to take.

Whatever the case, the keywords you initially entered should all still be there in the side panel, if you visit each one, or if you open the Project/Project Keywords panel, you can click on one you know to be assigned to several documents, then click Search to see a list of those documents in the Binder sidebar.

Thanks for that helpful response. Hopefully we’ll see that feature implemented soon. So yes, i suppose I’ll be just using them in searches. I wanted to be able to see certain things based on the keywords, but can use the other methods to help a bit. Thank you!

I too would like to see a column in outline for keywords. Thanks. Laurie

I too was looking for this feature and was surprised it wasn’t available yet. Please implement a keywords column in the outliner soon, it would make the outliner view infinitely more useful to me. Thanks!