Keywords on Index Cards

I’m trying very hard to find workarounds for everything I think I need, and so far I think it’s going pretty well. A lot of the time Scrivener has what I want, as long as I’m willing to compromise. This is usually a great sign, because it means the software isn’t trying to be everything to everyone. Great!

The one place where I think I’ve reached my wit’s end is keywords. I want to have an arbitrary set of keywords – which I can – and I want to be able to see at a glance which keywords are on which cards. This is less straightforward. I’d love to be able to do some kind of magic thing to say “if an index card has keyword X then style Y is applied,” but I’ll give that up as unreasonable for now.

I’d really like, though, to be able to see all of the keywords on every card while looking at the corkboard. Maybe they’re displayed on the bottom row, maybe I have to hold opt, I don’t know. It would really be nice to see them without having to click on each card in turn.

If you hover the mouse over a card in the corkboard, a tooltip will appear with the keywords at the bottom. 2.0 will have a better, colour-based solution to this.

All the best,

Thank very much, that’s helpful. I look forward to a better solution, too – it’ll be nice to see at a glance the tags on all the cards at once. Also, some way of affecting card appearance based on more than two attributes will be incredibly welcome!