Keywords on steroids: Meta-data, copying from subdocuments, categorizing, etc.

Hi! Thank you so much for making this awesome software.

I’m writing a heavy crime novel. In the 20 chapters I’ve written, I’ve come to use over 60 keywords, organized between the following:

Locations / country zones
Locations / country zones / Districts
Locations / country zones / Districts / District 1 / …
Locations / country zones / Districts / District 2
Locations / country zones / Districts / District 3
Locations / country zones / Districts / District 4
Locations / country zones / Districts / District 5
Locations / country zones / Districts / District 6
Locations / country zones / Districts / District 7
Locations / country zones / Districts / District 8

Characters / Protagonists
Characters / Celebrities
Characters / News people
Characters / Main guy’s family
Characters / Main girl’s family
Characters / Royalty
Characters / Corporate leaders
Characters / Doctors
Characters / Scientists
Characters / Bounty Hunters
Characters / Pets
Characters / Witnesses
Characters / Criminals
Characters / Criminals / Assassins
Characters / Criminals / Cleaners
Characters / Criminals / Scavengers
Characters / Criminals / Mobsters
Characters / Police officers / Interpol
Characters / Police officers / Local PD
Characters / Religious Leaders
Characters / Politicians
Characters / Gangs
Characters / Cult members
Characters / Specific NGO 1 Members

Organizations / Law & Order
Organizations / Criminal organizations
Organizations / Political activism
Organizations / Religious organizations
Organizations / Sports teams

Corporations / Adult Entertainment
Corporations / Construction
Corporations / Hardware
Corporations / Health
Corporations / Labor Resources
Corporations / Megacorps
Corporations / News & Entertainment
Corporations / Security

Special Events
Special Items / Macguffin1
Special Items / Macguffin2

As you can see, my work is preeeeetty deep, I have exactly 68 characters: 3 protagonists, a couple more main characters, and the rest being secondary characters, background characters (i.e. the guy at the noodle stand), murder victims, etc. I really need to keep myself organized. Unfortunately, just having keywords, even at different levels, isn’t enough.

I would love to have the following:

  • To have a chapter display (or just copy) its scenes’ keywords. This is a boon for the corkboard view.
  • To be able to have a special kind of keyword, like “category”. Here I would have 7 categories: Characters, Locations, Organizations, Corporations, Special Events, Special items, and Publications.
  • To be able to prefix a displayed keyword with its category, or optionally for me, its full “path” (i.e. Locations / East Coast / District 1 / Sleazy Night Club) or just its parent (“District 1 / Night club”)
  • To be able to relate a keyword to one or more other keywords. i.e. Mr. Vito -> Mafia
  • To be able to define aliases, i.e. “The Shadow” as an alias for “Mr. Johnson”
  • To be able to create relate keywords of different types for a scene, i.e. “The Shadow”-> “Sleazy Night Club”.
  • Maybe to establish relationships between keywords: “Katherine” <- sibling of -> “Emma”. (This would help if later you decide to add the capability to make a character relationship graph)
  • To be able to read a keyword and the timeline of its “events”, i.e. Scene 1: “Murder in the dance floor”: “The Shadow” -> “Sleazy Night Club”.
  • To be able to define a “short name” and a “full name” for a keyword, i.e. “Katherine” for “Lady Katherine Macguffin”
  • To be able to relate a keyword with a fact sheet (i.e. character sheet), so when I double click or ctrl-click or whatever on Katherine, I’m taken to her profile.
  • To be able to quick-search for keywords inside the keywords popup (because I don’t remember if I added “Suzie” as “Suzie” or “Suzie Barrows” in the keyword list).

How viable would it be to add some of these features?

Thanks in advance!

Try Tinderbox. I am not at all a fan of it (too complex, I could never get the hang of it; and expensive), but it seems to me that it might be just what you need, mainly because of its flexibility and ability to create links.

At least take a look The trial version is quite functional and you should be able to see if it does what you want.