I have half a novel written and would like now to start using keywords as tags but am a bit unsure how to go about it. It seems to me to be something one should do at the outset, perhaps tagging each chapter or scene along the way. Is it too late to do it when you have a substantial body of text? If not, how could I reasonably go about it? I tried using simple ‘search’ and then appending a keyword to those chapters/scenes that came up but the results were out of order - they were alphabetical rather than bringing together the whole storyline I was hoping to find.

You can apply keywords whenever you want - it’s just as easy to apply them at the end of the process as it is at the beginning of the process. You can apply keywords to multiple documents in the binder by selecting all the documents you want the keywords to apply to, then dragging the keywords from the Keywords panel onto one of the selected documents.

When you run a search, the documents will be shown in the order they appear in the binder, but you can change the order to alphabetical by clicking on the grey “Search Results” bar directly above the search results list. Click it again for reverse alphabetical order, and again to return to binder order. It sounds as though you have it sorted and just need to click it a couple of times to return it to binder order.

Hope that helps.

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My advice is to do a careful readthrough, looking for whatever it is you want to tag (characters present, setting, time of day mentioned…) and add keywords as you go. I tried adding character keywords as I wrote once, but I found it too distracting while I was writing, and never felt like it after I was done for the day.

For using keywords to track characters, there’s some good advice here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=19076

Thanks guys.

I recently added keywords to a long dormant piece that I’m resurrecting and can say that the method KB described (selecting multiple documents and dragging a keyword onto one) worked well. I found this especially useful when I set up collections for my major characters based on the keywords.

Thanks to Robert for the link to using keywords for characters. I read it last year but completely forgot by the time I revisited my long-neglected novel. I intend to edit my keywords based on PigFender’s suggestions.

Thanks for the tips guys. Most helpful