Keywords with Tag Behavior

Hello, as I have recently posted, I have started using Yojimbo to organize various unorganized sections of my Mac life. What I love about Yojimbo (and other tagging apps) are the intuitive tag features. When I enter the tag field I simply begin typing the letters and an auto-complete option comes up, I hit comma and it fills in the tag with a nice bubbled field. I would love if Scrivener could do this with Keywords. When I go into the keyword field in the inspector I have to use my mouse a lot, and I would love to just be able to stream of though jot my tags down quickly and easily. Just a quick wish, and as always I want to say how much I love Scrivener and the community that surrounds it! Keep up the great work!!!


This will be improved in the next version, but meanwhile, you should be able to avoid the mouse for the most part. Yes, you’ll need it to get to the keyword list (just click once anywhere in the list area), but once there you can use the Enter key to create new keywords, terminate editing and again to start the next one. The arrow keys will allow you to move about in the list, and Delete will remove a keyword from the list.