A couple of keyword suggestions:

  1. From the corkboard, allow selection of multiple cards and setting of keywords for all of the cards at once
  2. Have an option for the keywords to aggregate up to higher cards. For example, in the binder I have folders for each chapter and separate documents for each scene; it would be awesome for each scene’s keywords to aggregate up to the chapter’s card.
    [*]if two scenes had the same keyword, it would only show up once in the aggregate
  3. the chapter could have keywords of its own, and it would just be the superset that’s shown (so if the chapter had keyword A and both scenes had keywords A & B, what would be shown at the chapter level would be A & B, though only A could be removed there

Thank for your consideration!

You can already do this. Select multiple cards, then drag a keyword (or several keywords) onto one of the selected cards from the keywords panel - the keywords will be applied to the entire selection. This works in the outliner and binder too.

That’s quite a specific use case and wouldn’t be useful to everyone. Also, where does it end? When a folder gets a keyword, then surely its enclosing folder should get that keyword and so on. At any rates, this is definitely not something that will be implemented, sorry.

This wouldn’t work without making the keywords pane uneditable, which would be confusing (since it would be showing a mixture of keywords, so you couldn’t start dragging things around as Scrivener would have no way of knowing where things should go in the original documents). The inspector is strictly for inspecting a single document.

Again, this wouldn’t really work for the reasons given above, and also Scrivener would be making assumptions about how users want folders to work. It’s much better to leave the user to assign keywords where they want rather than forcing the appearance of keywords assigned to subdocuments.

All the best,

Awesome, thanks!

Fair enough.