I’ve just used scrivener for a book. As I entered the chapters I also assigned keywords. I would like to use keywords for stuff like indexes. Can we have a way to export project keywords as a file? Something that has the keyword at the front and then the articles that use it behind.
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If you just want to export a list of your keywords, I wrote a little program that exports all meta-data to a file (works on Windows only). See this post:

But if you want to create an index, it seems to me that your idea of keywords followed by articles doesn’t make a lot of sense. An index lists keyword and page, and the page will vary depending on how you compile your draft, how the pages break, and so forth.

However, your question did get me thinking. Scrivener does not currently allow me to view an outline of documents with a column for keywords. I could modify my program to do that, but I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort.

If you can give me a little more information about what exactly you are looking to accomplish, maybe I could be of some help.

Steve Carter