Hi Keith,
When using keywords (proving to be a very useful feature in my current workflow) and Scrivener 1.11, 10.4.11, G3…

(1) If I create a keyword whose name is wholly contained in another keyword, then using the Search button in the keyword HUD to search for the shorter one actually finds all instances of both (e.g. searching on “action” finds results for “inaction” and “reaction” as well; searching on “ant” also finds “giant” and “romantic”). Is there any way of limiting the search to specific instances of a selected keyword in the HUD (i.e. “equal to”), instead of finding instances “equal to or containing” that keyword?

(2) If I delete a keyword from the HUD, it is not removed from the keywords pane of any document to which I had previously assigned it (so is sort of left dangling until manually deleted from the pane or recreated manually elsewhere as a keyword). Is this meant to happen? Is there any way of changing the settings so that keywords are unassigned and removed from documents when deleted from the HUD?

Thank you. Sorry if the answers are obvious, or if I have somehow missed them in the forum (I have looked!).


  1. Yes, I just noticed that the keyword searches for “all words”. I’ve changed this for the next update so that it searches for “whole words” instead. In the mean time, you can do the same thing by searching using the regular search field, setting it to search for keywords only and checking “Whole word”.

  2. There’s no way of doing this, I’m afraid. I’ve added it to the list of possibles, but can’t promise anything as I seem to remember there was a reason I didn’t have it work like this in the first place.

All the best,

Thank you very much.