Howdy all,

I am looking to use the Scriverner keyword HUD and related capabilities ACROSS binders. Is that possible? Even if I have to import and export somehow, it would be pretty useful since I have several different projects running at once (hyper-tasker) but two or three of them are on the same thing. I’d mix them into one binder but they are each pretty huge and I don’t want to get cluttered…


It isn’t something you would want to do on a regular basis, as it involves a little shuffling about, but what you could do is take advantage of how importing a Scrivener project will look through all keywords in the documents and add them to the HUD. The best way to do this then would be to create a temporary document in the project you want to move the keywords from, open the HUD, and drag all of the keywords into that document’s keyword pane in the Inspector. Now create a blank temporary project (I’ll call it “Transfer Project”), and drag that temporary item into its Binder. You won’t see the HUD in Transfer Project, but if you check the document’s Inspector pane you’ll see the keywords are intact. Repeat these steps for each of the projects you want to consolidate your keywords form, in each case dragging their respective temporary document into Transfer Project’s binder. You should now have a HUD full of every keyword in each project. Now close Transfer Project, and use File/Import/Scrivener Project, selecting Transfer Project. The temporary files from each of the projects will be imported into the Binder, and the HUD will be updated with all of the keywords they contained. Note this method is not case-sensitive. If one project had a keyword “Test” and another had “test”, you’ll only get one version of it.

It’s a bit of a tangle right now, but there will be a much easier way of moving keywords around between projects in the coming upgrade. All of this will basically be reduced to two steps. Create a “transfer document” in the Binder that holds all project keywords, and then dragging that to the Binder of target project. The HUD will be updated in the target project when the file is dragged.