Kids these days...

So I picked up the latest Story Bundle, and…why the hell didn’t they have cool YA books back when I was that age demographic? Back in my day, they just started coming out with things like the babysitters club books (hated 'em…not enough explosions.) But the YA lit back then (with a few notable exceptions like Madeline L’Engle’s stuff off the top of my head) was pretty trite. Not that there isn’t garbage in any genre, but the YA books I’ve read lately are pretty good. (Hunger Games, most notably.) Lot of them have blink-and-you-miss it subtext for adults reading 'em. (Then again I have to admit my nieces–more of the YA age demographic–are pretty savvy readers.)

When I was young I was reading Playboy (for the articles of course).


Don’t you have to be able to read to read a playboy?

How ya’ been?

scratch and sniff and tactile makes the pop up 3d pictures easier to


busy busy busy how are you and the wife and kids!

busy busy busy.

Eldest started second year at SBU, youngests learning to drive, wife working a good job, work trying to put me in a grave.

Nothing really to complain about…

Whose grave? :open_mouth:

That’s a typo… y’ wassock!
He means in a groove. They’re making it easy for him.

Nice of them to look after the old man.

Ummm… I’m pretty sure I meant grave. That place where you return what youve taken to the soil and become food for the creepy crawlies.

… Like Dracula sleeping in his special dirt? :open_mouth: Jaysen… are you a vampire? I thought they couldn’t survive without a head.

That would be zombies you are thinking of. Vampires traditionally regenerate.


Except after being exposed to the brilliance of eviscerating wit and excoriating humour, endemic aboard Scriv.

from the normal rabble? I think not.