Killing my antivirus

Windows 7 64

So far I have installed two versions of the Scrivener Beta. (Latest the 0.2.9-version)

Both versions have totally killed my antivirus (Panda Internet Security 2011, latest versions)

I could not find any other reports of “antivirus-problems” with Scrivener, so this may be some Scrivener-Panda-problem.

This is just a minor problem (everything worked great after the Scrivener-required reboot, (and antivirus worked by just restarting it before shutting down computer)), and probably nothing you should spend time investigating.

I am sorry this is more of a “something happened” instead of a “this is what happened”, but I cannot find any documentation as to what happened… If you know of any good tool for logging, I could reinstall Scrivener and see (and log) what happened, but as I said, Panda is probably not the largest antivirus program (but it IS one of the best;) ), so your time would probably be better spent fixing other bugs…

Let me know if logging is required…

Ignoring the logging for now, could you just tell me a little more explicitly what you mean by Scrivener “killing” your anti-virus? Did the installation disable the anti-virus software and you had to manually turn it back on? I haven’t seen something like this, so I just want to be sure I understand what you’re explaining. Likewise, you mentioned a “Scrivener-required reboot” which is not normal–installing Scrivener does not require a reboot under normal circumstances. Did the installer tell you it was necessary?

Are you installing on an administrator account or a standard account? (If the latter, are you right-clicking the installer and running that as an admin?) Any extra details here would be great. Thanks!

I am happy to hear there should not have been any reboot after installing Scrivener, I don’t usually trust programs that need to go that “deep” in registry and other places.

But yes, after installing Scrivener, I was told that I had to reboot the system for the installation to finish.

My computer is set up with a disabled UAC, so I do not use the “administrator account” for anything (+standard account have administrator rights), and have so far not had any problems with this. (Although someone once told me I might still have to use the administrator account for “special cases”, I have not had to do so up to now).

As to the antivirus-thing…
I was looking at the progress bar when the installation was running (yes, I DO have a life, if anyone is wondering), and right at the end (“distributing” or even “communicating” (I was wondering about that as well, communicating what where?)), my antivirus just informed me it had stopped working. Then the installation finished.

I turned the antivirus on, (no problem) and restarted the system.

(Sorry about my English, I tend to over-complicate things when I try to explain)

Thanks for the extra details; I’ll forward this all on to Lee and we’ll see what he can do. I’ve heard only once or twice of users being prompted to restart the computer with the install, and I think at least one of those cases might’ve been a concurrent running of Windows updates (thus Windows was requesting the restart, not Scrivener). For both initial installation and upgrading, whether standard or admin, Scrivener should not need to restart to add the registry key, so there is something odd going on there and I’ll see if Lee has any guesses about it or if it’s something he can file with BitRock (who provides the installer tools).

Regarding the anti-virus tool, is it related at all to a firewall, so turning it off would disable the firewall? I wouldn’t expect the installer to do that on its own–rather, if there were a problem, it should just give you an error and require you to manually disable the firewall–but then I wouldn’t expect the installer to disable an anti-virus program at all, so it’d be good to know.

In fact, I would expect that the anti-virus wouldn’t allow another program to disable it, as that would make it sort of useless for virus prevention. So it’s more likely that the anti-virus crashed, coincidentally at the same time as the install.


Heh, yeah; even if Scrivener is doing something weird here with the installer, it does rather suggest the anti-virus program isn’t quite as hardy as it might be…

I took a few extra minutes, and installed Scrivener again.

I did it the “easy way”, and just installed on top of the previous version (no uninstalling first).

This time, I did NOT have any problems with the anti-virus, but I was STILL told I had to restart my computer to complete the installation. (And to be on the safe side, I DID restart my computer two minutes BEFORE I reinstalled Scrivener). And Scrivener will NOT start without the computer restart.

The anti-virus is related to a firewall. And I have not had any issues with this for the past 2 years. Although I DO understand the comment that installers (and programs) should not be able to kill it, it does seem kind of strange this happens JUST when Scrivener is installed…

Does Scrivener need to access the Internet? Or is it just at the time of installing the program?