Kind of pop-up for E-book

In my website I can have a link and when you click on that link a pop-up window shows a text. I like to do that for E-books as well. Is that possible? And if so how do I do that?

Unlikely. While most e-reader devices (or applications) are essentially noting more than cut-down web browsers they support a very limited range of features. Pop-ups aren’t there. Even if future devices finally add that capability historic devices will not provide the feature.

The ePub 3 format does allow for pop-up footnotes, although very few devices or e-readers actually support them (iBooks is one of the few). However, Scrivener currently only supports ePub 2. We will be adding ePub 3 support in the future, with support for pop-up footnotes, but it will be a feature you will have to turn on explicitly given that it may not work on all devices.

It should also be noted that you may get pop-up footnotes “for free” on some Kindle devices, if you’re using Mobi. I’ve noticed that regular old compiled .mobi files will use pop-up footnotes on the Paperwhite.

Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies. I already had the impression it was not possible, couldn’t find it on the web. Anyway Thanks.