Kindle Book opens in middle of TOC

Happy Tuesday! After I compile to .mobi and send it to my KIndle, the book opens in the middle of the TOC. I searched to see if someone else has had this problem but could not find anyone else. I find that hard to believe. I hope you can help! Thanks! :slight_smile:


I have heard of this happening a few times here and there, and to the best of my knowledge it is some kind of Kindle issue, it’s been around for years, too. Scrivener literally cannot define a start point in the middle of a section (and in fact, I don’t think the .mobi format itself can do that, at least without an anchor point, which there wouldn’t be in the middle of a ToC). So unfortunately I don’t have a good answer for you, I’d recommend trying the KDP forums, and if you hear anything, let us know if you get the chance.

Middle of TOC or start of TOC ?

Hmm. Not sure why I didn’t get notified that someone had responded here. If I unclick “Start book after front matter” the book will open in the MIDDLE of the TOC.When I click “start book after front matter” the book opens in the MIDDLE of the copyright info. That’s the weirdest thing.

That doesn’t surprise me given that the problem seems to be an invalid offset, so no matter where you put the start point, it’s still going to be off by a certain amount, with the only difference being where the offset starts from.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure KindleGen is up to date, as well as Kindle Previewer.

I haven’t been using either of those. I have been uploading it into KDP and using their online previewer to see it there. I even emailed myself the .mobi a few times so it goes inside my Kindle, but I get the same result.

If you are using Scrivener to compile straight to Mobi (as opposed to compiling to ePub and using some other tool like Calibre), then you are using KindleGen. You’ll find your KindleGen installation indicated in the like-named compile panel, printed below the Change button. If you don’t remember installing and setting that up, it may well be out of date and a part of the problem here. KindleGen is the sole thing responsible for where the start position is physically placed (as opposed to where it is requested, by settings).

But Kindle Previewer is very handy to have around. It is a Kindle simulator, and is thus very accurate at showing you what your book will look like on all of their modern devices.

Hi Amber,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am going straight from Scrivener to Mobi and I have the latest version of Kindle Gen, so I’m okay there.

Okay, another thing you could try, if you aren’t getting anything useful from the KDP forums, is playing with any content that comes before the ToC. Try not using a cover, for example, if you are (or use one if you aren’t), and selectively omit or alter any sections of text that come before it.

Hey guys, you’ve probably already solved this, but just to keep anyone else like us from pulling out their hair… I was having a similar problem of it opening at an unexpected location whenever I would send to Kindle to test. But when I published it and bought it from Amazon, it opened in the expected location. So I think it’s more of a problem where Amazon treats files sent to it as files, whereas when you buy it from the Kindle store, it’s treated as an ebook.

That’s good to hear, thanks for the update.