Kindle 'boxed set' TOC

I’m setting up a three-book ‘boxed’ set for Kindle, but I’m having problems with the TOC via Mobi.

I want a link to each title in the set, but not to the individual chapters. In Compile, I inserted a page break before each title, but chapter one of each book still appears in the TOC, in spite of NOT having a page break before it. The other chapters can all be reached by scrolling through each book, which is what I want for all chapters.

This is what I get in the TOC:

Captain Black
Chapter one
Man with a Falcon
Chapter one
Spy for Cromwell
Chapter one

How do I remove the three 'chapter one’s from the TOC, while still allowing the reader to scroll down the chapters (ie the book contents) from the link to the title?

I’ve found where I was going wrong. Problem solved!