Kindle classifies a novel as a document rather than book

Afternoon, Scrives

I have compiled a novel (draft) to Kindle .mobi format. Am using Scrivener 2.4.1 and version 2.8 of KindleGen on an iMac running 10.8.3. (Who said writers don’t get numbers?)

All looks pretty much as I want it to…just some minor tweaking to do.

When I read the novel using the Kindle app on an iPad, it isn’t recognised as a book but as a document. Is this because it hasn’t been bought from Amazon, and so isn’t regarded as a proper book? Or is it something I need to change in the compile settings? Have hunted around sans finding a solution.

Also, when it comes to finally uploading to Amazon, do I compile the novel to include the cover embedded in the .mobi, or do I compile sans a cover and only upload that to Amazon as a separate file? Or do I do both: embed the cover and upload it separately?

A virtual choc-chip cookie to anyone who can help :wink:



I’m pretty sure it’s just that Amazon classifies books as ‘ebooks bought from us’. Every ebook I have ever added to kindle on iOS manually shows up as a document rather than a book - that’s just what I’ve noticed, so it may be wrong (in which case I’m sure someone will jump in to correct me), but it would be a pretty huge coincidence if the authors of every one of those some hundreds of ebooks had all just missed adding that bit of metadata. So I think you’re good. :slight_smile:

Many thanks, temporalranger.

I had originally assumed there was some change I needed to make—but I guess it is just an Amazon differentiation issue as you suggest. Appreciate your help.

The virtual choc-chip cookie is yours: the whole packet :wink: