Kindle Compile Leaves Chap Titles at "page" bottom!?

For some reason, my Chapter Titles (such as CHAPTER TWENTY) appear at the bottom of the page when I compile for kindle. It happens for every chapter even the first.

This does not happen when I print compile to pdf.

Any ideas on how to center this on the page?

My chapters are nested in folders on scrivener. The top folder is for organizational purposes and is not compiled into the text. Is that causing the offset?

How are the chapter titles being generated? Are you using the compiler to produce them automatically, or have you manually typed in all of these headers by hand?

The titles are being generated by the compiler.

To be honest. I’m not sure where that setting is located (to turn the auto titles off). Any ideas on that?

I see no white space in the document to cause the CHAP TITLE shift. It seems to find the same low height every time.

Thanks for asking.


Well we can tell really quickly if there is a problem with the compile settings. First, save what you have. Use the “Format As” drop-down to bring up the management interface. Click the + button in that pop-up window to create a new preset. You can use that to return to your current settings easily. Close that window, and from the Format As menu, select “E-book”, change the type to Mobi at the bottom, and hit the compile button. Problem solved? If so you might wish to start from there and customise out from that.

Titles are generated in the Formatting compile option pane. You can see which things are printing their names by the checkboxes, but it is possible for items to print generic stuff without any title at all. For example try clicking on the Folder row. You’ll see the “Chapter One / Title” bit. If you didn’t want to print the folder names and just have numbered chapters, could click that checkbox off so it only prints “Chapter One”. That part can be edited in the “Section Layout…” button, as a part of the title prefix and suffix.

It sounds like the page padding might be set for the chapter items, so a series of empty lines are being added before the title. This is nice for positioning the chapter partway down the page in print books, but the amount of padding might just be too much for an ereader screen. If you go to the Formatting tab in Compile, you’ll see a “Page Padding” line at the upper right above the preview window. Select the row in the table at the top corresponding to your chapter items and if the Page Padding number is high, reduce it to just a few lines, then try compiling and see if that fixes it.

Page Padding was the feature that needed adjusting.
Default was 14.
3 was much better
Thanks for the awesome support.


Mike C