Kindle Compile Problem: Hanging Indents

I’m formatting a book of poetry and we want to try hanging indents. In the compile settings I have Level 1 set Left = .5 and First = .25. It looks perfect in the Formatting Window. I click Compile and look in the Kindle Previewer and the paragraphs are normal indent, not hanging indents - just the opposite of my intended look.

I have Level 1+ “turned off” - nothing is checked. To be honest, I’ve never understood what that level does, so I usually leave Title and Text (and all the other boxes) unchecked at that level.

Any ideas?


FYI - Today I installed 1.9 and tried the compile again. Still no hanging indents. :frowning: I had hopes. I suspect many of you may be thinking - why is this guy trying to use Scrivener for poetry, and worse yet, trying to put it on a Kindle! I’m definitely wondering myself on the second part now! :confused:

It turns out hanging indents isn’t really going to solve the problem we’re having with line wraps anyway, but I still think this problem is valid. I feel the compile formatting ruler should match the output. I can do the hanging indents in Word and those compile fine through Kindlegen, so I’m pretty sure that isn’t the issue.


Scrivener’s ebook compile currently only supports first-line indents, so this is something you’d need to adjust post compile using a tool like Sigil, compiling to epub and making the edits, and then using KindleGen (or Amazon’s Kindle Previewer, if you prefer not to use the command line directly) to convert to the .mobi format. Kindle does support a left indent, although generally speaking the limitations on ebook formatting will probably make poetry a bit difficult since the reader’s ability to adjust size and font and the different device screen sizes mean the layout is much more fluid than in print.

Thanks Jennifer. You are right about poetry - it doesn’t seem like a good fit for Kindle.