Kindle document creation failed.

Help! I have been trying to compile using Scrivener for the first time, it will compile to every format I’ve tried so far, but every time I try kindle I receive an error message:

KindleGen failed to generate a .mobi file at the expected location

I’ve tried saving it to a different location, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling Kindlegen, and nothing works so far. I was intending to publish tomorrow and if I can’t get a Kindle file am not going to be able to do so! I emailed the mac support address last night, but no response yet.

Has anyone else come across this? Any suggestions?!


Update - I’ve just tried a fresh project as a trial, and it compiled to Kindle no problem, so presumably something is wrong with my novel document. So I guess I will be copying and pasting it into a new project, unless anyone has any bright ideas in the meantime…

Possible workaround, if of interest… Compile as ePub, then use Amazon’s Kindle Previewer to convert to Kindle format.

That’s just a general error you got. Whenever running into problems you should enable logging in the KindleGen compile pane. That will print out all warnings and errors. It might print a few lines of text from where the error occurred, helping you find it.

Thanks very much both of you! Copying my text into a new file worked, but great to have some other ideas in case I run in to problems again!