Kindle eBooks file extension

Thank you for providing the ability to compile eBooks - it is worth the asking price alone! One small wish however: on my iPad and Android tablets the Kindle eReader app uses the the file extension .PRC instead of .MOBI. Therefore I have to manually rename the extension after compiling. I know that’s not a great hardship but I’m sure in the time it takes Lee to munch a hobnob he could add the .PRC extension to the list of options in the dropdown list box of the compile dialog. :slight_smile:

Why does it use a different file extension? It’s the same books as on your Kindle, just on your iPad.
Anyway, that would be nice, but Lee has a list of updates/bug fixes/enhancements all the way up to 2.0, and he may not have time to add something like this where there is an easy fix.

Your Kindle apps ought to be able to read .mobi files just fine, as well as .prc and some others. Are you getting some kind of error message if you try?