Kindle Fire - does not display mobi compiled in Scrivener

I am a trial user, still deciding on whether or not I should purchase the software. So far, I’m extremely impressed with Scrivener.

However, one of the features that drew me to the software was the ability to export directly into .mobi format, for use in publishing on the Kindle market.

I recently finished a first draft and wanted to read it on my Fire, so I walked through the compile a few times, made sure kindlegen was found and operational, etc. After compiling my first .mobi and dropping it into the Kindle’s doc directory, it did not appear on my shelf. So, I tried copying it via Calibre, and had no luck with that, either. I tried a different project with the same result. I followed every tutorial I found (many of which used a different version of the UI, but I muddled through) and also had no result. Just in case it was Fire specific, I tried my friend’s ad-supported e-ink Kindle, and had the same problem.

The only thing that worked was compiling as an .epub and then using Calibre to convert it to .mobi.

How disappointing! Is there something special I should be doing, something not mentioned in the various tutorials, to be able to view the Scrivener generated .mobis on the Kindle?

Scrivener version is 1.0.3 and Kindlegen is version 2.

After a lot of fiddling, I found that if I ask Calibre to convert the .mobi to… mobi, and choose Kindle as the output type, it will display on the shelf.

How bizarre. Calibre must be doing something to the structure. I’m very curious what. :slight_smile:

Good morning!

A quick question I have for you right off is whether or not you have tried opening the .mobi content in a PC version of the Kindle program?

Also, when you go to create the .mobi file, are you expanding the attributes selection with the arrow to the right of the “Format As” drop down menu?

That will give you some more options to check. Make certain you are pointing to the correct install of KindleGen. Also, make certain you are choosing eBook as a format.

Playing around with this on my end seems to produce readable results for the Kindle.

Can you let me know what settings you’re using?

Hope you’re having a great day!