Kindle Gen 64-bit - Any news already on how to convert after macOS post-Mojave?

As far as I have seen, Kindle Gen is still working in 32-bit mode only, and I have not seen anything about an update to 64-bit soon (e.g. @ Amazon) yet. Apple will (as far as I know) support only 64-bit apps and Mach-O-Code after Mojave.

Since Scrivener uses Kindle Gen for ebook conversion … do you have any outlook on Kindle Gen updates and / or how you will approach the issue after the new macOS will be released?

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You can get a 64-bit KindleGen:

Not tried it, but it seems to work.

Slàinte mhòr.


For reference … following basically david_macrae’s procedure. (Renamed the old kindlegen for backup, copied new kindlegen into place in order to not have to fiddle with the new file.)

Checked it: Is indeed 64-bit Mach-O.

Compiled a Scrivener project to mobi ebook as per usual.

Works!!! (Didn’t do a deep test drive, but it looked okay in the first run.)

Thanks a lot! This was a great help.

  • Christine

Glad it helped.

Slàinte mhòr.

For the next update, I’ve made it so that Scrivener checks if Kindle Previewer is installed, and if so uses KindleGen from inside that if available.

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