Kindle initial location

I’ve noticed that when opening my compiled mobi on my laptop with the Kindle app, it opens at the Table of Contents. But on my Paperwhite, it opens at the first content page (after Front matter). The latter behavior is what I expected. What gives?

If it works on the Paperwhite then you’re probably okay, it’s not going to load that location randomly. But you could double-check with Kindle Previewer with a few different device settings, and using the Kindle reader for iOS / 'droid if possible.

I’ve seen questions on the Facebook Scrivener user’s page about “quick look” on the same topic. Will the previewer also tell me what to expect for that?

I’ve never installed a Quick Look plug-in for Mobi files, so I couldn’t say. Previewer is a development tool for testing your books against how they will appear and look on actual devices though.

I’m talking about Amazon’s quick look preview of books on their site.

No, the Kindle Previewer is for previewing what the book will look like on Kindles. It doesn’t even have a preview for their iOS software or Mac or PC. Just the recent Kindle models and the DX for testing legacy layout.