Kindle "Look Inside" and Ragged Right

I am trying to get an ebook published on Kindle and am having a formatting issue with the “Look Inside” feature. Everything seems to be formatted correctly when using the Kindle Previewer, and also when I’ve loaded the .mobi file into the Kindle app on my Mac. But when I look in “Look Inside” after I’ve uploaded the book, the body text is all ragged right (left justified). Elsewhere it’s fully justified as I want.

Any suggestions about how to correct this? Some folks on the kdp site have suggested that it just takes time for “Look Inside” to catch up to the book’s format, and others have said that “Look Inside” is more strict about the HTML so I have to change that. But the thing about this is that I’ve uploaded the same book before and didn’t have this problem, so I must have stepped on a setting someplace that I can’t find.

Thanks for any help.

Justification is not even handled by the e-book when it comes to Kindle. Technically, it can be, CSS has formatting tools for specifying ragged-right vs. full justification, but according to Amazon’s style guides, these should not be specified for body text in an e-book, as that is up the reader software. So if you examine the source files Scrivener uses, with the appropriate option in the KindleGen compile pane, you’ll find that the CSS files do not state justification.

You could of course use those source files to change that, load the OPF in Kindle Previewer and submit that Mobi file, but do be aware that may get it rejected by Amazon. The reason we switched this output off in the first place is because people were getting their books rejected.

Like I said, when I actually purchase the book and download it, it’s formatted correctly. It’s also formatted correctly if I just load it into the Kindle app on my Mac.

As I understand it now, the “Look Inside” feature is a separate process from the mainline ebook process. I’ve read that if you use Author Central to update any of your ebook information, that can impact what gets put into “Look Inside”, particularly if there’s a formatting glitch in what you put in AC. That’s sloppy to me, but what’s more frustrating is that Amazon tells me that it takes a full week for the content of “Look Inside” to get updated after an ebook is published. That’s crazy. I’m a perfectionist, so when I see an error in something, I want it corrected. I can correct an error in my ebook and have that fixed on the Amazon site in a matter of a few hours. But it takes another week to get it fixed in “Look Inside”? What kind of outfit are they running, anyway?

This isn’t a Scrivener issue. I love Scrivener. It has really helped me be better organized as a writer. This is an Amazon issue. I’ll recompile for .epub and put it on Nook and see how that works.

I agree, it would be nice if there was a more automated system, but it might be too risky to just pipe the e-book source files straight to a web browser. They probably need to do some light technical proofing. I don’t really know, but that is my guess.