kindle mobi compile - no cover

Hello. I’ve lost countless hours with trial and error, reading various posts…

When I compile for pdf and epub I get my cover, when I compile for .mobi, and send to kindle the cover thumb doesn’t show up even though i have one selected. I tried various sizes but nothing. I read that docs can’t have a cover, but others say it’s possible. I also remember on some default setting I was getting a stock cover but I dont remember how/when this appeared. any help would be amazing. thx.


p.s. I just noticed that on kindle for my phone, one of the books i tried has a cover, the rest not. not sure if that helps w/ anything. (is the idea also to have several cover sizes for every compile format?)

This is an annoying Kindle or Amazon problem, and I also wasted a lot of time trying to fix it. It can happen for many files that you get from a source other than Amazon.

I forget the ins and outs, but I solved it by always side-loading the books using Calibre.