Kindle mobi with chapter per document


as a newbie I did try “search” and RTFM, but I fail already searching for the right terms.

So I hope to be not too annoying when I kindly ask for a little hint where I can dig deeper myself.

I have a simple project consisting of 50 documents, most of them on level 1 under root “book”, a few in folders on level 2 (I can make it flat if required).

I try to compile this to a .mobi (either the old or the new) with a new chapter per document.
The chapter should be named according to the name of the document.
I want to jump to a chapter with the Kindle’s Goto feature.
(Ideally this name is inserted as a heading in front of the text body of the chapter)
(new page with a new chapter is another nice to have)

I already created a new format, but I don’t know how the various entities I can configure interact with each other and with the text-documents (and their names) to produce the desired output.

(I used Scrivener 2 before and my exact same project came out on my kindle without much configuration - maybe even out of the box).

Thank you

I solved my problem by more deeply studying the RTFM. I found out that the compiler producing the .mobi has completely changed and by that got much more flexible. There seems to be a way to import the behavior of a Scrivener 2 project into Scrivener 3 (but I couldn’t use this because I already deleted Scrivener 2).

So I did it the following way.

(1) In the Compile dialogue (“for: ’ Kindle KF8…’”) in the left pane (“Formats”) I selected “E-book” from the predefined Scrivener format sets.

(2) In the right pane I could see that all of my documents (sections) were assigned the type “Abschnitt” (German word, came from my old project I assume). So “Abschnitt” is the type to change the formatting for.

(3) Then in the middle pane (“Section Layouts”) I used the button “Assign Section Layouts”.

(4) So in the (new) dialogue of “Assign Section Layouts” I recognized different section types in the left pane, one of them “Abschnitt” again.

(5) So I highlighted “Abschnitt” and in the right pane I scrolled through the various options already offered there. I looked for one (a) including a big “Section Title” (the name of the document/section) and a “Section Break” (which seems to generate a page break in the Kindle document).

(6) After “OK” back in the compile window I started the compile - and it worked.

These settings are remembered by Scrivener with my project.

I am sure there is a ton of opportunities e.g. by creating own formats, but for my little problem I am happy for now.

Thank you