Kindle Submission

Can I submit my Kindle formatted book with the cover included? When I go to Amazon they give an option for uploading the cover as a separate file. Is this necessary given that the Kindle compiled version from Scrivener compiles it with the cover? Or does Amazon expect to see the cover as a separate file?


I’m not sure about this, but could the upload for the cover image be for displaying on itself? Presumably they will need a cover image for that to save themselves having to try to extract it from the .mobi file.

That’s true - not thought of that, but would uploading the cover as a separate file duplicate the appearance of the cover to Amazon i.e. showing two cover images instead of one.

The question I guess is, does Amazon handle the compiled file (with cover) that Scrivener exports ok, or should I be concerned that when the book is published on Amazon, that the cover will be missing?


I don’t think there’s anything to be concerned about. A cover is expected to be part of the .mobi, so Amazon must have another reason for asking for a separate cover image, which I expect is for the book page. Many users have uploaded books generated from Scrivener to Amazon and I’ve never heard of any cover-related issues.

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