Kindle TOC includes "Title Page" in the list - why?

I can’t figure out why this would be a setting in Scrivener at all, so maybe I’m doing something wrong - it’s my first Scrivener-to-ebook effort, so that’s highly likely. (Last ebook I went Open Office-to-ebook with lots of tech help from a friend, so I thought this would be easier… Ugh.)

I’m compiling to epub, not mobi, because I keep getting error messages with the mobi option that I don’t know what to do with - & the epub compilation works perfectly fine. But when I look at the preview of the Kindle book, “Title Page” is listed on the TOC along with all the other stuff that SHOULD be there.

How do I make that go away?

For reference:

  • I have deselected “pg break before” on both the Title Page & Copyright page
  • I’ve selected the “E-book” option under the “add front matter” drop-down

Thanks in advance!

Also - I just realized this - why is the TOC BEFORE the title page? Shouldn’t the title page be first? Then the TOC?

I’m really surprised there’s no reply or info on this… No one else has this issue?

Because there is no answer. TOC is an ongoing glitch with Scrivener (at least the PC version). Not only does there seem to be no way to eliminate the scene title from tbe TOC without that scene butting against whatever comes on the preceding page, but Scrivener auto-generates a TOC and slaps it up front with no way to move it.

Try searching this forum or Google or the For Dummies book, and you’ll come up with zip – except the reference to the manual page on how to make a custom TOC, which they neglect to tell you results in two TOCs.

Well, drat. Thanks for the reply, but that’s awfully frustrating… And seems counter-intuitive for book design.

Scrivener was not intended for book design, rather for text creation, with the intention that the user would export the text and then deal with layout and design in a program intended for that. The fact that it is possible to compile to basic formats without needing to run it through other software, like a novel draft to send to an editor is a bonus. Compiling to e-pub and .mobi came along much later. Although I haven’t used it, reading the forums regularly, I understand there seem to be aspects of those formats that Scrivener can’t handle perfectly, even using the Mac version, and Compile is one of the areas where Windows has not yet caught up with the Mac version.

Perhaps the team will sort out the problems in due course, and it is intended for the Windows version to reach parity with the Mac version with the next major upgrade of each. In the meantime, I imagine you will need to compile to e-pub and open that in Sigil, Calibre or similar and sort out the TOC with that.

Mr X
Just a regular user of the Mac version, not a member of the team.