KindleGen and 046


Has anyone had any luck getting KindleGen to work with Scrivener beta 046?

I’ve downloaded the tar file from Amazon and extracted it to a directory and then used the link in the Kindlegen section of the Custom Compile dialog to specify the location.

Firstly it doesn’t see the actual executable file - which is name kindlegen - all lowercase. It shows me the Readme and license files and the Sample directories but not that file. I tried changing the name to KindleGen.exe - then it sees the file and I can select it but when I hit Compile nothing happens.

I tried copying it to various locations, including the bin\docformats directory of Scrivener itself - but none of that worked. I tried selecting a shell script I’d written which simply writes to a log - I wanted to prove whether the file gets executed - seems like it doesn’t.

Am I missing something? Is this a known problem?


I just used it. Worked wonderfully.

The trick is to write down your full kindlegen executable path on a slip of paper. Use the file navigator to go to the proper folder. Then type kindlegen in the box where it says KindleGen Executable. Press the enter key. (The open button doesn’t work.)

Alternatively, go to Home > .config > Scrivener and open Scrivener.conf in a text editor. (Back it up first!). Paste


on the last line.

Excellent! That worked, thanks.

And it works for the WINE version, if you download the .exe. Of course I don’t have anything to open the ebook up with…Details. :wink:

Calibre will do that for you. For that matter, so will the Kindle Previewer, also from Amazon, since it runs under wine as well.


Cool…I’ll have to check 'em out.