Kindlegen and KF8 file format

This question is based upon a discussion I’ve been having with a software guy who is writing a simple program intended to create e-Books using Kindlegen. His interest is creating a file that will have color images and he suspects that KF8 format is what he will want to use. His question to me:

Does Kindlegen create files in .mobi and KF8 formats? Has the KF8 format generation been a recent version update? (More recent than 2013, when I downloaded and installed Kendlegen, not sure when he downloaded his.)

If a more recent download will do what he wants done, will all existing instances of Kindlegen need to be blown out before a new version is downloaded or will the files overwrite the existing files when the zip file is unpacked?

Told him I’d ask the Sybils…

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Thanks for your considerations.

Modern versions of KindleGen create a hybrid .mobi file that is one part legacy MobiPocket format and one part KF8. This file will serve as the basis for what their store distributes to individual readers, once they hook up a device and attempt to load the book (so they don’t download both copies, just the one their device needs). I’m not sure exactly when Amazon switched to doing that, but 2013 is old enough that I’d certainly consider updating the utility.

As for updating, you don’t have to do anything special from Scrivener’s side of things. It merely looks in a location for ‘kindlegen’, and uses it if it finds it. Thus you could delete the old KindleGen folder and extract a new copy where it was, and Scrivener should pick up where it left off using the new one.

Finally, regarding the initial point: Mobi supports colour images as well. So there might be something else going on that KF8 won’t solve.