KindleGen can it give us the new page zoom formatting and page numbers?

Now that Kindle has new formatting with user functionality like the zoom out/in page and snap to page navigation, KindleGen 2.0 or is it 2.9, useable in scrivener is last updated in 2014 and the MOBI outputs from Compile give us the old school formatting.

IS there a new formatting option for the new formatting or does that happen when we submit our MOBI file to KDP and it does it’s magical thingy?

If you submit to KDP they prefer that you submit as e.g. epub or Word, not as a mobi file. KDP creates the mobi file from your input, using the newest Kindlegen.

So submitting an epub formatted file will give me the advanced Kindle formatting compared to submitting a MOBI [that presumably will only give me the old-school formatting?]?

I guess so. Have you checked the KDP support pages. Lots of info there.

Thoroughly and in all the author forums too. No one has an answer and KDP claims theKindleGen for mac is supposed to format to the new version but it actually doesn’t. That’s why I’m asking here.

Is this what you mean? … ip-kindle/

That’s not dependent on version of Kindlegen or the format of the ebook. It’s a feature of the new version of Kindle reader.

(PS. You don’t have to cite the previous post. It’s rather obvious that your answer is connected to that. :slight_smile:. )

Addition: I can do it with my Kindle reader app on my iPad with old Kindle books.

Makes sense… sorta. It doesn’t work with a straight MOBI file directly from Compile and my older published kindle books my updated/current kindle reader doesn’t read the newfancy way either. sigh

I found this… … p?t=272407

Maybe it can be of some help?