KindleGen errors on compile

I’ve been using Scrivener for a few years, now; I’m currently using it on Vista as well as Windows 10.

Both machines are now not compiling to .mobi (Kindle) format; the Windows 10 machine has a fresh install of KindleGen. (I just went with the general Windows one, since there’s not one specifically for Win10.)

I get a screen generated by KindleGen that says errors occurred and spells out the processes – but it doesn’t give me solid info on where the problem is, and I haven’t changed compiling methods in a couple of years. I get a similar error on both computers. I’ve changed options around (add cover, remove cover, select different formatting, etc.) and Scrivener will compile in other formats (epub, docx) but not mobi.

Both machines running Scrivener have the latest release installed.


You might directly e-mail Literature and Latte’s tech support staff regarding this at
They are back from Christmas break on Monday January 4th, as discussed here … =1&t=33309

I’m wondering two things…

  • Were there additional lines of compile results text? That perhaps got truncated (as I don’t see a scroll bar on the side of the results window)? The reason I ask, is that if I compile out to an .epub file and then manually run kindlegen in a command prompt window to compile the .epub into a .mobi, I get about twice that many lines, with the first half matching what is shown in your screenshot. See bottom of this message for a paste of what I get.

  • Even with an error being reported, is there a chance that a .mobi file is still being produced?

A possible different angle would be to download and install the Kindle Previewer app from
Compile to .epub, launch Kindle Previewer and drag and drop the .epub file onto the app’s screen… which should cause it to proceed with attempting to compile it out. Upon completion it should report a brief summary and offer a double down arrow to click for compilation details. They may differ from what kindlegen produces, but will hopefully be helpful.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a collected list of the info/error codes. Best I can suggest is doing a Google or other search on “kindlegen” and specific code or message of interest.

There’s a Kindle Publishing Guidelines manual, in PDF form, that might be useful at … elines.pdf

Not sure why, but on my PC, Kindle Reader and Kindle Previewer installed into folders in an odd location… (I’ve replaced my user name with Xxxx)

Following is the output from my manually running kindlegen to compile an .epub into a .mobi.
There are additional command line options that I did not use.

C:\Users\Xxxx\Downloads\kindlegen_win32_v2_9>kindlegen testepubbyXxxx.epub

Amazon kindlegen(Windows) V2.9 build 1029-0897292
A command line e-book compiler
Copyright and its Affiliates 2014

Info(prcgen):I1047: Added metadata dc:Title “RP”
Info(prcgen):I1047: Added metadata dc:Date “2016-01-03T19:56:21+18:00”
Info(prcgen):I1047: Added metadata dc:Creator “Xxxx”
Info(prcgen):I1047: Added metadata dc:Contributor “Scrivener for Windows ( []”
Info(prcgen):I1002: Parsing files 0000004
Info(prcgen):I1015: Building PRC file
Info(prcgen):I1006: Resolving hyperlinks
Info(prcgen):I1008: Resolving start reading location
Info(prcgen):I1049: Building table of content URL: C:\Users\Xxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\mbp_7E0_1_3_D_38_30_4A_E28_2700_1\OPS\toc.ncx
Warning(prcgen):W14016: Cover not specified
Info(pagemap):I8000: No Page map found in the book
Info(prcgen):I1045: Computing UNICODE ranges used in the book
Info(prcgen):I1046: Found UNICODE range: Basic Latin [20…7E]
Info(prcgen):I1046: Found UNICODE range: General Punctuation - Windows 1252 [2013…2014]
Info(prcgen):I1046: Found UNICODE range: Latin-1 Supplement [A0…FF]
Info(prcgen):I1017: Building PRC file, record count: 0000027
Info(prcgen):I1039: Final stats - text compressed to (in % of original size): 51.67%
Info(prcgen):I1040: The document identifier is: “RP”
Info(prcgen):I1041: The file format version is V6
Info(prcgen):I1031: Saving PRC file
Info(prcgen):I1033: PRC built with WARNINGS!
Info(prcgen):I1016: Building enhanced PRC file
Info(prcgen):I1007: Resolving mediaidlinks
Info(prcgen):I1011: Writing mediaidlinks
Info(prcgen):I1009: Resolving guide items
Info(prcgen):I1017: Building PRC file, record count: 0000032
Info(prcgen):I1039: Final stats - text compressed to (in % of original size): 49.76%
Info(prcgen):I1041: The file format version is V8
Info(prcgen):I1032: PRC built successfully
Info(prcgen):I15000: Approximate Standard Mobi Deliverable file size : 0000068KB
Info(prcgen):I15001: Approximate KF8 Deliverable file size : 0000078KB
Info(prcgen):I1037: Mobi file built with WARNINGS!

Hope this is of some assistance.