Kindlegen for Scrivener in Windows 10

I’m all set to convert my document to .mobi, but apparently I have to have this “kindlegen” thing? I bought a new computer and it runs Windows 10. Can’t help it–that’s what it came with. It looks like “kindlegen” only works for up to Win 7. What do I do?

Compile to .epub and use Calibre to convert? I have no idea if that would work if you want the .mobi to send to Amazon, but it’s what I do for personal reading purposes.

You need to download kindlegen manually on your computer from Amazon to compile to mobi, Cindy. There are instructions inside the Scrivener tutorial describing in more details how to do the kindlegen integration. Due to legal issues, we cannot distrbute kindlegen automatically with Scrivener.

No, I understand that, Tiho. I understand you can’t distribute kindlegen with Scrivener, since it belongs to Amazon. I’m just wondering what to do, since Amazon doesn’t seem to offer Kindlegen past Windows 7. Do I need to convert back to Word and reformat and all, in order to send my manuscript to KDP? Or does anyone know whether the programs Amazon has available and lists as compatible with earlier versions of Windows will work (or at least will not harm a Win 10 computer)? I’m not finding ANY suggestions at Amazon.

Sorry, Cindy I did not understand your issue previously. Most Win 7 apps work out of the box under Win 10, but there is no full functionality gurantee. I believe the best you can do is give it a try. I cannot imagine any harm caused by kindlegen on your computer. The worst case scenarios are, kindlegen will not install at all, or kindlegen will install, but fail during mobi generation. There is still a chance that it might work though. I have not tried it myself to be honest.

I’ve yet to actually submit anything to Amazon, but test compiles from Scrivener via Kindlegen appear to have worked for me, both in Windows 8 and now in Windows 10. The results are viewable in the Amazon Kindle reader app on my iPad and Windows PC. I would suggest just go ahead and download and try it.

Worst case, compile out as .epub and use Amazon Kindle Previewer app or other apps out there to convert to .mobi.

And I’ve seen discussion that Amazon now accepts, and may even prefer, submissions in .epub format.
A Google search on “kindlegen windows 10 compatibility” will turn up various discussions related to this.

Thanks so much, Tiho and Springfield! That’s exactly what I wanted to know. :smiley: