KindleGen is acting up


What do I do when KindleGen stops caring about the “Open after front matter” or placeholder tags?

I has been acting a bit funny lately, and I suspect that Amazon will just direct me back to the Scrivener forums.

I have tried re-downloading v2.8, and no luck. I have tried copying in the docs to a blank project, and no luck.

Any ideas?

All suggestions are appreciated.


Do you get the same issue if you compile to .epub? What if you then open the .epub in Kindle Previewer, does the automatically generated .mobi KP produces have the same issue?

Hi temporalranger.

Yes, I get the same result when producing a MOBI from Kindle Previewer using an EPUB as the source.

And I’ve looked at the files exported by Scrivener when compiling the MOBI, and all seems good there also.

So it has to be Kindlegen, right? I’ve tried to post in their forum also. I’ll report back if I figure it out. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Yeah, Scriv just hands the files off to kindlegen to translate, so if the files are good, it’s probably at the kindlegen end that the issue lies. The only other thing coming to mind is grabbing Sigil (if you don’t already have it and you’re working in ebooks a lot - which you seem to be - then pick it up, it’s free and a great way to tweak your ebook output) and tweaking in there, but… that would have to be the .epub, and if it’s kindlegen mucking up that’s probably not going to help that much anyway in this instance. Sorry I can’t be more help, but I think it’s Amazon’s issue rather than .scrivs.

Hi again.

Yeah, I think so too.

But I don’t expect them to be as hands on as the Scrivener community, so I guess I’ll just have to accept the low-res MOBI cover. Not the worst think, but it sucks to appear less professional than I strive to be.

Thanks for mentioning Sigil, though. I was not aware of this. I agree it probably won’t solve this particular issue, but it may be useful in other scenarios.

So here’s what I got.

KindleGen doesn’t like big cover images. If the file-size exceeds 127kb, it’ll down-scale it.

I tried going below this file-size, but it still down-scales both quality and resolution. But when I looked into the source files from Scrivener, Scrivener actually seems to have re-compressed my image-file to a larger sized JPEG.

This is both confusing and annoying. But I can live with it. Nothing that kills me right now.

What’s worse, though, is that it doesn’t care about the “Book begins after front matter”-option. Any thoughts?

EDIT It doesn’t care about the <$ebook_start> tag either. It removes it in the final MOBI-file, but the ebook still opens on the front matter in both Kindle Previewer and on my Kindle iPad app.