Kindlegen Killed: 9

I know this isn’t a kindlegen support forum, but I was hoping someone here had bumped into this problem and might be able to help :slight_smile:

When I run KindleGen (OS X El Capitan) it exits with “Killed: 9”

I have removed the quarantine attribute with xattr. No change. Moving KindleGen into /Applications, or into my home folder, makes no change.

The KindleGen support forums are a wasteland :slight_smile:


To get the basic stuff out of the way:

  • I’d first make sure the binary is the latest version available from Amazon.
  • Check to see if you can execute it manually. If you need some source material to work with, the command can take epub files.
  • I would not expect a SIGKILL (assuming that is what they mean by “Killed: 9”) to occur for this reason, but while you’re on the command-line run an ls -l and make sure the executable bit is set. Some unzippers fumble on UNIX permissions.

Thanks Amber. I’ve ticked off all three of those (yep, latest binary, no can’t execute manually, and yep it’s executable).

I gave up, installed Calibre, and used that to convert from EPUB to MOBI, then uploaded that into the Amazon store :slight_smile: