KindleGen problem

Hi - New at this and not so great with computers…

I downloaded KindleGen but can’t seem to point Scrivener to it. I know where it is (in Downloads) but it’s not coming up in the dropdown list when the Downloads folder is highlighted.

What am I doing wrong?


The Kindlegen download is a zipped folder, so make sure first that you’ve extracted the files from that–you should be able to right-click the folder in the Downloads folder and choose “Extract All…”. I’d put the extracted files somewhere other than your Downloads folder, too–I save mine in Program Files, although if you don’t have admin access on the computer, you can just save it to a “KindleGen” folder in your Documents. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to select that folder from Scrivener and choose the “kindlegen” program to hook it up.


It worked! And I made my first e-book. PSYCH!

There is no way I could have figured that out myself - many thanks.