KindlePreviewer with Scrivener 1.9 in Windows

As I’m having a problem with TOC in Kindlegen in Windows 10, I came into the forum for advice, only to discover that Kindlegen is dead, and long live KindlePreviewer. Being a cautious kind of chap, before I dispose of Kindlegen, I’d like to know if KindlePreviewer will work with Scrivener 1.9, or whether it only works with Scrivener 3 (Beta). Can anybody advise me from their experience?

Assuming the worst, that KindlePreviewer only works with Scrivener V3, are people replacing V1.9 with V3 now because it’s now stable enough to be relied upon, or running the two versions in parallel (difficult but possible, given lack of backward compatibility, I understand), or running V3 in a testing environment only? What’s happening out there?!

Thanks people!

I’m in a similar position.
New windows laptop. Installed v1.9. Can’t find kindlegen to install.

Windows Scrivener 1.9 does not have the ability to automatically invoke Kindle Previewer. However, you can compile to ePub format and then open the resulting file in Kindle Previewer yourself.


You have to export to ePub. I do pre-flight testing in Sigil and then check it again in Kindle Previewer. Works fine.