Knowing you have Notes associated with a File

Greetings. I’m wondering if there is a way to know which files have notes associated with them; namely, I’ve been adding some notes to some of my files (not all of them). Is there a way to know which files have notes without opening the Inspector each time? Thanks as always.

There will be a little asterisk next to the “Notes” icon in the document’s Inspector pane. So you need to have the Inspector open, but not necessarily to the Notes tab.

You can also use the Project Search to search the Notes field, either for specific text or (with the ‘*’ wildcard) for whether the field has anything in it.


Thank you!

I also note that if you are at the top in Scrivenings mode, you can see all the notes (if that is what you are looking for).

I’d suggest making a Search like kewms suggests and saving this as a Collection (name it sth like “All With Notes”).
This way you don’t have to rerun it manually, you just click on the name in the Binder and there they are.
I have one with the following settings:

I believe you could make it a smart search collection, so that each time you created a new document and added a note, it would automatically be included in the collection.

Disclaimer: I haven’t done this with notes, but I do use it with labels when I need to work on a text which is interleaved Chinese and English so I can have all the Chinese text in one collection and all the English text in another.



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That’s exactly what the example I gave above does :slight_smile:

Many thanks for all your good responses. Much appreciated. As someone still learning the "“ins-and-outs” of Scrivener 3, I’ll experiment with your suggestions. Thanks again.