Known Bugs and Not-There-Yet Features

Is there a list available of known bugs and planned features not yet implemented in the Windows Beta?
If there is, please point me to it.

I am running into problems trying to format, save and load templates and not sure if I should be reporting these as bugs or just waiting for a later release to attempt to use these features (or asking in the technical support forum to see if there is a current solution to the problems I’m experiencing).

Thanks for any clarification/help you can provide.


At this point, if there is something missing in the structural aspect of template creation and use, then yes please do report it. The framework for how templates should work is considered featured complete for launch. More will be done with it later, but for now it should be making your life easier, not harder.

If there is a problem with actual text formatting, or things getting lost that you put into the template (like keywords or what have you), then yes those are bugs and should be reported, and might very well be more widespread than just template bugs.

The one thing that is going to be a little odd right now are the built-in templates. They have not been rigorously gone through yet and still may contain “Mac stuff” and some features not yet in the Windows version, like placeholder tokens that fill your name in for you on the cover page, and suchlike.