Known Bugs for Beta 024

I’ve just added a post with a few observations/requests but I think one is a bug (unless I’m missing something)

When I add a label to a document, the index card at the top of the inspector changes to that label’s colour. I don’t mean it’s corner becomes that colour, I mean the ‘paper’ colour changes from white to the label colour. The index cards shown in the corkboard view are correct i.e. only their corner is shown in the label colour.

I think this is different to the label colour bug mentioned as fixed in this thread.

Any chance of the new beta for this weekend? (fingers crossed) :wink:

Thanks, i’ve just posted a reply. The label coloring bug is the one listed at the top of this thead, so this has been fixed for the next beta. The others should be coming at some point in the future as well. Re: the beta, it’ll be out by the 30th but I haven’t heard from Lee that it will be this weekend, so I can’t give you any promises on that, sorry.

Wow, so many long-standing bugs are going to be fixed? I can’t wait! :smiley:

I’ve found a bug that I don’t think has been mentioned here …

  1. Click on a text document
  2. Change from document notes to project notes in the inspector
  3. Click on the Draft folder
  4. Click on any text document – it has gone back to Document notes
  5. Now, switch from Document notes to Project notes again – it stays at Document notes

It’s not a big deal but I got a bit confused at first.

Ooh, thanks for catching that. The fact that it switches in general is a known issue–it should stay consistent, so if you had changed it to Project Notes while in the document, it should still be Project Notes when you return from the Draft folder; but that you then can’t change it to Project Notes I didn’t have marked down. If you try it a second time by going back to Doc Notes and then returning to Project Notes (just in the inspector) it will work, but obviously it should work the first time. Thanks!

I’ve been away most of the month, but wow, did I miss an extremely organized month in the Bug Hunting of Scrivener. :laughing: Well done, MM!

Just wanted to ask: now that’s 025 is out, will you be expanding this thread to include that version, or will there be a new thread?

Okay, I’m not positive this is the right place to post this, but… Here’s a potential bug or two for Beta 025!

I installed 025 right over top of 024 today, and noticed immediately that the footer with word count and such had disappeared. I don’t have it set to screenplay mode, the window is maximized (I double-checked!) and the footer was there till today.

Everything else, however, worked great right up until I compiled. I ran a compile to Novel Standard Manuscript Format, to a .docx file, and somehow it set the margins a half inch apart, making eighteen thousand words into over a thousand pages. I got a good laugh out of it, but as I’ve done nothing today but type, I’m fairly confident I didn’t change any settings. :slight_smile:

Bugs will be bugs, but this is a fantastic product. I am so glad you’re making it for Windows, and look forward to purchasing a license immediately when it’s released!

For header/footer you need to go to view > layout > show header/footer.

Lee talked about this in his post, though it was towards the end. (I didn’t read all of it the first time either, I was too excited to start playing with the new and improved version of my favorite toy) He said, “PLEASE NOTE FOR EXISTING PROJECTS the header and footer bars will be hidden and you’ll need to enable them via the View>Layout menu. The first time you split a screen for an existing project you’ll need to do this for the new panel as well. This is a one off and is not required for new

Good catch though, I didn’t notice it until I went back to look at what Lee had written. (I claim fatigue as my defense for lack of observance: it was 7 or so in the morning, and I had come home from work)


Thanks, Stacey and Lunarclipper! Serves me right for scanning instead of reading carefully. :stuck_out_tongue:

For Beta 025:

System Info:

Processor: Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.110408-1631)

Compile Issues:

  • No matter what format I use, ignores the separator values other than custom (no page breaks, no single return, no empty line). Tried with RTF, ePUB, Mobi, DOC, and HTML with no success.
  • In RTF, DOC, DOCX, and ODT, the initial tab is set to 36 points. The originating document project has a first-line indent of 36 points (not sure if this is coincidence.

Editor Issues:

  • Changing font doesn’t always work from the header bar (Drop-down). The drop-down bar will not alter the font to the type I want, and the bar itself goes blank.
  • At times, the editor will change my font size down one point, from 12 to 11.
  • The editor will change my alignment from justified to right whenever you make a line spacing change (most notable from multiple to single line spacing).
  • The show header bar does not guarantee the ruler will appear. In one project, it appears, in the other it does not. Even after hiding it and re-showing it.
  • Although the font shows up Courier New in the editor, the drop-down bar says it’s MS Sans Serif.

Thanks, and I’ll keep testing!


I’m not sure all what’s supposed to have been fixed in 025 so hopefully not too much of this is already covered elsewhere, but after a few days of playing with the new beta, here is some of my thoughts on what I’ve found:

Search is definitely one of Scrivener’s greatest strengths. I love how easily it is to find things and how quick it is. That said, there are a few issues with it I have encountered:

  • Search restrictions don’t seem to fully function. I have it set to only search ‘included documents’ and yet it is still finding things in documents under the research folder.
  • The search results are not returned in the order the entries appear in the overall document
  • It would be nice if the search results did not cover the binder. I for one would prefer them to appear on the right pane over the inspector as I don’t use the inspector as much when I’m performing searches. I know you can select a search result and choose ‘view in binder’, but seeing the binder the entire time (with highlighted documents) would be helpful. Especially in light of the two above issues I’m reporting.


  • Separators are all left justified. These should be centered and there should be an option to add a blank line above and below. This is especially important as ebooks are often published as single spaced, and so the separators get crowded into the text.
  • Compiling to ebook (epub) results in all special formatting codes not being recognized such as chapter numbers and word count. Compiling to RTF does have this issue.
  • Compile does not remember contents within a scrivener session. I have to keep choosing the selected documents (I have more than one work in this project) as I try to get a compile with all the settings I need.
  • Some of the format column headings are scrunched together but I can’t expand the columns nor the compile window to fix it. Please make the window re-sizable.
  • A more reliable (understandable) way to map override format options to my actual document. I want to be able to more easily control my chapter title, separators and other special item formatting, but it’s hard to know what values here will map to my document. Being able to apply types or styles to my document that I can then alter in the compile options would make this immensely easier and more reliable.


I haven’t been able to figure out how to spell check an entire project made up of multiple files at once. A check all spelling would be nice.

Document printing seems to have been removed. Compiling to print takes a lot of setting adjustments to print a single document from within a large project. There should be a quick print option for the current document I am editing.

A bit more granular customization of the toolbars would be nice. For instance, I would like to be able to add the name generator to the main toolbar but don’t see a way to do so.

These are the basic issues I’ve encountered so far, or at least my opinions on some of them :smiley: . I’m pleased to see how Scrivener is coming along. Thanks for all the hard work!

Compiling to ebook format bug with possible workaround here [url]]

I’m still having the issue that when I compile to .doc or .docx the right margin is only a half inch from the left margin, resulting in a thin column of text.

Also, if I use an empty line as a text separator on compile the separator (empty line) is single spaced when the rest of the document is double-spaced.

I can fix both of these issues in Word by selecting all the text in the entire doc and then changing the margin (by moving the marker on the ruler) and changing the line spacing (I just change the whole doc to 2.0 spacing), but it would be great if it would just work on compile.

[Bug in Beta 025]

When compiling to an odt file, various characters compile as black boxes when LibreOffice displays the file. See

Is this bug still present in beta 026? Have you downloaded the new beta yet? If not, you can do so from Scroll down to about half way to find the download link.

[Bug in Beta 026]

The “odt black boxes” compile bug exists in Beta 026 as well. See

{Bug in Beta 026]

At least in odt format, the style of a line of text affects the style applied to the following custom separator.

See [url]].

I’ll also be delighted when this is possible: ‘Spelling: I haven’t been able to figure out how to spell check an entire project made up of multiple files at once. A check all spelling would be nice.’
Can we be alerted once it is done, or do I need to check back here?

It will be mentioned in the changelog once it happens, but it won’t be until after 1.0 because it requires changing the way that a Scrivenings session works, pulling together the files. This is on Lee’s list to do early on after 1.0 comes out, but it’s not a simple process so it’s not going to happen before that.