Kobo writing life issue ?


I’ve been using with an incredibly awesome fun Scrivener since several months and it helped me writing three novels so far.
I’m currently in the process of self publishing the first of the series, using scrivener compiling process, of course.
I’ve achieved great results in .mobi and .epub format. The book is already live on amazon and in the QA process @ Apple, which means that the output went just great.
However, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t a scrivener issue, I’m having huge trouble uploading my book on Kobo writing life… Either on .mobi or .epub format (they just worked fine with Amazon and Apple).
I’ve even tried to convert my .mobi file to an .epub file using Calibre. Same problem.
When I try to upload the .epub format, Kobo simply doesn’t want it.
When I upload the .mobi file, Kobo gets it, but the trouble appears during the conversion process.

That’s weirdo and I’ve sent an email to Kobo Writing life support.

However, I was wondering if some scrivener users have had the same trouble with kobo writing life dashboard ?

My book has nothing special: a simple formatting, some footnotes and an HTML TOC generated in Scrivener’s compiling process.
I’ve tried to generate .epub without footnotes and/or TOC: same poor result.

I’m quite convinced that this is NOT a scrivener technical issue, however, if anyone has had the same trouble, I’d be glad to hear from you !

Oh, and BTW, I’ve tried this: https://scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb/mac-os-x-troubleshooting/epub-files-created-with-scrivener-fail-validation

That didn’t help :frowning:
Same result: the upload just doesn’t work.
Sorry if technical support isn’t the best fit to start my thread, I’ve searched the index and it appeared to me it could be a place to land it.

Scrivener team: thumbs up for your software, and I’m dying waiting the ipad version :slight_smile:

What error message are you getting from Kobo?

If the file works with both Amazon and Apple, then no, it is probably not a Scrivener issue.


Thanks for you answer Katherine.
The only messages I get are: unable to upload, an error occured
when I try to upload an .epub file

When it comes to .mobi, the upload is succesful but I get a simple message telling me that the conversion process just failed. No error codes, nothing…

I’ve eventually tried to import my book as a .doc
Guess what ? Same result !

Definitely, it seems to be on Kobo’s side, as I mentioned before. As you say, if it works on other platforms, it’s definitely not a Scrivener’s issue.
However, I wondered if other people have had the same problem :wink:

It sounds like Kobo’s upload process is misbehaving. It doesn’t seem to be getting to the point of really looking at the file. Have you exceeded their file size limit, maybe?


My ebook in epub format is 207ko :frowning:

I’ll keep you posted on the follow-up from Kobo, it may be of some help for other people.

Thanks !

So !
At least, I got some feedback from Kobo’s tech support.
They found 2 errors in my .epub, asking me to check it with epubcheck and to correct them, which I dit with Sigil.

Here are the error codes I got from epubcheck:

ERROR: Jeux dangereux.epub/OPS/content.opf(10,45): date value ‘14 septembre 2013’ is not valid as per w3.org/TR/NOTE-datetime: [For input string: “14 septembre 2013”] is not an integer

WARNING: Jeux dangereux.epub/OPS/toc.ncx: meta@dtb:uid content ‘2D60316F-C947-4F60-A89A-C1D1820BE278’ should conform to unique-identifier in content.opf: ‘urn:uuid:2D60316F-C947-4F60-A89A-C1D1820BE278’

The error was due to the metadata I put in the .epub while compiling (no trouble for publishing @ Apple though), I did put a Date format non compliant with w3 rules: my mistake :slight_smile:

The warning is known (I pointed the link to correct it which I got here).

Everything’s fine now. Thanks Katherine for your help !

If this can help some people…