Kofi Annan & John McCain


If only we had more leaders like him

Bon Voyage Kofi

I know. :frowning:

Where ere we look across the planet, 'twould appear that the lying, self-serving narcissists are in the ascendent,. Statesmen like Kofi are banging their heads against a reinforced wall of deceit, conceit and indifference. :frowning:

Hoping that there are enough people in November who don’t like the way things are going and will vote accordingly. Failing that, I don’t know how we convince people that they should care about other people, know what I mean?

You can’t. That’s what folks are failing to understand.

  1. “should” in this case presumes a morality which is something are are free to maintain independently of the masses.
  2. “convince” in this case presumes a possession of correctness which is something we are free to maintain independently of the masses.
    Forcing either of these ideas on any side of the argument erodes the very freedom you have to use to force the ideas (ex: you can’t use censorship to promote freedom of the press). The only thing you can do is bring a bigger mob than anyone else and hope you win the melee. Right and wrong are completely irrelevant when it comes to politics. We should all be very aware of this at this point in the game.

Right and wrong have different meanings, with different connotations for different people. I fear we’ve trespassed into the realm of good and evil.

That’s my point. They are relativistic and therefore irrelevant. It’s all about the $$ and who can con the “voter” best. but maybe I’m a tad jaded. maybe there is some idealist place where the people really do have a say in how their government operates. The closest I’ve seen is the nordics but even there, it appears to be “the old guard” still in control.

Each time I try to respond to your last post, the theme of my intended comments have been subsumed and modified by prevailing events.
Today we’ve lost another, ‘decent human being’, Senator John McCain
theguardian.com/us-news/201 … es-aged-81

For the past three years, on and off, I’ve been researching US political history. My opinion of John, very much seconds the sentiments, expressed here, by Barack Obama ,
“Few of us have been tested the way John once was, or required to show the kind of courage that he did. But all of us can aspire to the courage to put the greater good above our own. At John’s best, he showed us what that means. And for that, we are all in his debt.”

If only, like John and Kofi, more of us were prepared to foster the greater good, rather than pursuing our own vested interests, with myopic tunnelled vision, we could possibly be looking toward a semi-utopian horizon, rather than the dystopian mess the majority of the planet’s staring at.

Bon Voyage John

Indeed, yes.

McCain is a significant loss. His opinion (even when I disagreed) carried more weight as it demanded the respect/consideration due one who is literally bled for the rights of those who “should hate him for his service” (quote from the opposition NY presidential campaign committee representative in a town hall).

Vic-k please don’t read my comments as personal. I’m sitting here wondering how we all became so … oblivious to the obvious reality that the feudalism we all thought we left behind has simply transformed from a land-wealth to a currency-wealth model. I’m slowly losing hope that the current generations have enough brains to stop buying the lies of those who created the messes we are trying to clean up.

Not sure there’s much of a future left anymore.

Know where you’re coming from (having been there myself for ages). In attempting to offer succour to a suffering Scriv buddy, out of common decency I’m going out of my way to avoid the usual hackneyed clichés and platitudes. Trouble is, Jaysen, when you do that, there’s f’all left! Hackneyed or not, you can’t escape the fact that the only light in the tunnel, is the headlight of an oncoming express train. Not much in the way of succour there, buddy.

The Planet is dying, we all know it, and we’re all responsible. It’s not just the likes of the Koch Dynasty, and its supporting cavalry of carbon/fossil fuel Multi-Billionaires, and other similar crews elsewhere, globally. And yet, as if to protect social cohesion, it seems some entity is enabling us to banish the realisation to the furthermost depths of our subconsciousness.

Some Global monitoring outfit, the other week, forecast that in another twenty years, if the seasons carry on changing at the rate they are, we won’t be able to recognise the Earth’s landmasses from their flora and fauna, the changes will have been so drastic. Consequences for us humans doesn’t bear thinking about! But that’s the trouble, isn’t it … it needs to be thought about, and seriously … and now!

Cheer up buddy :wink:

We’ll have to agree to disagree. McCain certainly benefitted from the reputation of being a decent person, and banked ruthlessly on his experience as a POW, but if you take a close look at his actions as a Senator, that decency is a mere veneer.

McCain’s inclusion of Sarah Palin as a running mate in 2008 was the opening of Pandora’s box for the GOP openly catering to the Tea Party/alt-right crowd. Those elements were already in the GOP, but they came out into the light of day. His own history, depsite his pretty speeches, shows a fairly consistent racist bias – he did a LOT of damage to Native American rights and conditions.

As I saw someone else on Twitter say, I can thank Captain McCain for his service, but Senator McCain gets no thanks.

Hi Dev, old buddy,
With my ageing brain and it’s ‘suspect’ powers of recall, plus dearth of info on my part, I’m in no position to debate the points you’ve raised concerning John’s character. I’ll certainly pencil the topic in for further research.
Take care,

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Just finished reading David Foster Wallace’s 2000 Rollingstone account rollingstone.com/politics/p … ub-194272/
mentioned by Jill Abramson in
theguardian.com/commentisfr … er-wallace
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