Kubuntu 13.04

Has anyone gotten either of the betas to work correctly in the new Kubuntu 13.04? I have tried repeatedly and seem to have hit a wall.

I have tried 32 an 64 bit versions. I have actually tried older versions of Kubuntu and ran into installation issues with those too. I have had it installed and working correctly before, but running into one issue after another now with clean installs.

Im willing to jump through some hoops, but kind of wondering why we have to jump through so many. If we all have to do voodoo ceremonies over our electronics to get a program to work, doesn’t that say something is wrong with the program?

Two points: first, the Linux version of Scrivener is experimental, offered on an “as is” basis to the user community. Second, the “voodoo ceremonies” are likely caused by the varying environments found in the endless distributions of Linux.

I’ve run three variations of Debian Linux: Antix, Crunch-Bang, and currently Linux Mint Debian Edition. The .deb package of Scrivener installs and runs well, with a few expected glitches in .pdf, scratch-pad, and other minor issues. It runs well enough to be productive.

Actually, given the rapid pace of improvements in the Windows version of Scrivener, I’ve found it more satisfactory to run the latest Windows release under Wine in LMDE, where I also run Atlantis as an .rtf word processor infinitely superior to AbiWord.

:wink: Flexibility finds solutions; search the forum here and you’ll find some good ones.

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Although I’m running Ubuntu 13.04 instead of Kubuntu, I’ve had no issues with the installation of Scrivener. Running it on the other hand is problematic. I had no issues with it under 12.10 but ever since upgrading to 13.04 Scrivener crashes my X Server anytime I try to click on the app once it starts. I believe I’ve narrowed it down to an issue with the nVidia drivers since it works fine if I use the Nouveau drivers instead.

For now I’m just enjoying a break from writing while 13.04 gets some of the initial bugs worked out.

I know it didn’t directly answer your question but just wanted to let you know your’re not alone in having problems with the native Linux version under 13.04.

All running perfectly well here on Ubuntu 13.04 on an ageing netbook. I’ve written around 10k words over the last couple of days, no problems at all. It seems noticeably faster than the 12.10 I was running under previously.

I have Ubuntu 13.04, and it runs great.

Kubuntu specifically (not Ubuntu) occasionally has problems with Scrivener. In my experience it’s usually because the QT libraries Kubuntu is using conflict with the QT libraries Scrivener is running. Try running it from a terminal so you can see what the error message is.