Kudos for Keith

I just submitted the galleys for my second big project done in Scrivener, a short story collection that will be printed in June. I just wanted to thank Keith again for devoting so much time to create an application that has made my life as a writer a little bit better.

Thank you. I know you’ve been with Scrivener a long time, so it’s great to hear that you’re still with and getting a short story collection published - let us know where we can buy it.
All the best,

For you Keith (in keeping with the topic of this thread :slight_smile: )

Dear Mr. Blount,

Thanks again for Scrivener. I’m working as the copywriter for on an online medical education program and Scrivener is such a pleasure to work with. Having the ability to plug in a variety of media in the research folders has been a blessing to me.

Can’t imagine how I ever got along without Scrivener.


Tom F.
Raleigh, NC, USA

Thank you. :slight_smile: