As a writer, I keep notes in droves. Images, documents, scribbles. The chaos of my own creative process finally stopped me from writing. I was losing control of it all and I went wandering in search of some way to organize it.

And… I found this software.

It’s everything I need. I spent the tutorial oohing and ahhing and smiling gleefully. Within an hour, I knew I had to own it (and mind you, being low on funds, I tend to rarely pay for software… I paid for this and I will recommend it to every writer I know).

I write books, screenplays, teleplays, and graphic novels (I’m also an illustrator). I am not published (yet), but having such diverse writing interests and a knack for collecting information like a packrat – I never thought I’d find one piece of software that could stand alone and let me work. With your software, I’m back in the game.

This is some wonderful stuff. Thanks for helping me get my chaos under control. You rock.

  • Karen

Thank you. :slight_smile: